Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved is a website design company that custom creates a variety of websites to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to custom create each website to ensure a personal uniqueness and creativity, in which, each site is an eye-catching work of art. We guarantee that each site will be new and innovative with the latest widgets and website features. When you call you will talk with a designer who will take care of all your needs and schedule a hands-on appointment so you can be involved in the design process. promises to keep you involved and posted throughout the designing process. We handle everything; domain address, website URL, hosting, company emails, and initial setup. We offer Business, Non- Profit, Personal, Sports Team Websites. We shape each site around requirements and we won’t charge, till we get it right. Find us on Facebook! Receive 5% off your first website by liking our facebook page!  We accept Cash, Checks and these major credit cards!